Week 8: 3/22 + 3/24

Before Class This week we are going to talk about data and the JSON file format. We will start to look at how data can be used in your projects and think about what kind of data you might use. WE will also go over the midterm presentations more as well. Live Sessions JOIN LIVE… Continue reading Week 8: 3/22 + 3/24


WHAT Short for JavaScript Object Notation it is a data file for JavaScript programming that allows for data to be saved and exchanged. It’s written in plain text so you can read it with any program that lets you read text files. You can create JSON files to store and use data in your own… Continue reading JSON

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Week 7: 3/15 + 3/17

Week 7 Before Class: Learn This week we will get more into Eleventy Templates and look at how they can be chained. With layout chaining you can do things like make a separate template file for your navigation or have templates for different page layouts. We also learn more about how you can add your… Continue reading Week 7: 3/15 + 3/17

Class Update 2.26.21

Hello Everyone, There are a number of things now available for you: Week 4 Learning Journal Week 5 Post Progress check (week 4) Learning Journal Please take a minute to do the learning journal. This time I added some extra private questions that won’t be viewed publicly and then added some public questions. I’m sorry… Continue reading Class Update 2.26.21

Week 5: 3/1 + 3/3

Week 5 Before Class: Learn Do this before Monday This week we start on the LinkedIn Learning Course we will follow: Building Serverless Apps with JAMStack and Eleventy. Each week we will watch some of the videos and then work through issues and questions in class. I’ll preface course videos with Course Video. Sometimes I’ll… Continue reading Week 5: 3/1 + 3/3

Jalitza’s Week 3 Learning Journal

How was your experience with watching JavaScript Collections? Honestly, I have to say that it wasn’t that clear to me is my first time seeing Java Script and learning about it. Describe your understanding of JavaScript’s use and position in modern Web Design. I don’t really have that much of an understatement of JavaScript all… Continue reading Jalitza’s Week 3 Learning Journal

Asia’s Week 2 Learning Journal

What are two takeaways from this week? 1. review semantic elements 2. stop using so many divs What is one thing you would like to learn more deply? reviewing grid vs flex display is something I always need to review. Link to one of my CodePen Pens https://codepen.io/asia-faatimah/pen/PobzewY


There is no class on Monday this week. We will be doing some CSS we didn’t get to last week and starting JavaScript. Before Class: Learn DO THIS Install Chrome and Firefox browsers on your computer. It is good to have both and we will look at the developer tools (inspect) for both of them… Continue reading 2/17

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Class Files

There is a Dropbox Folder where we will keep downloadable files. Many of the resources for this class are freely available on the web but some are either copyrighted or just files that we don’t want to link to publicly. You can find the link to the folder in this discussion board on the Class… Continue reading Class Files

JavaScript Intro

These are some resources to help you got started with JavaScript LinkedIn Learning JavaScript Collection These three collections of videos are an introduction to JavaScript from what it is, why it is important to some of the basics. Watch these collections in order. I’ve collected these from a few different LinkedIn Learning video courses. JavaScript… Continue reading JavaScript Intro

One-Line Layouts

10 modern layouts in 1 line of CSS by Una Kravets In this article and related resources Una shows how to create modern layouts with just a small amount of CSS. The layouts mostly use CSS Grid and Flexbox. Article (written and video): https://web.dev/one-line-layouts/  Editable Demo Examples on Glitch: https://1linelayouts.glitch.me/  GitHub Repository: https://github.com/una/1linelayouts  YouTube Video… Continue reading One-Line Layouts

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HTML Resources and References

This is a link to some outside resources on HTML. HTML Essential Training View Course (LinkedIn Learning sign on required)This is a LinkedIn Learning Course by Jen Simmons who is one of the leading HTML and CSS Advocates. This course goes over everything in HTML. Most likely you will not go through the whole course.… Continue reading HTML Resources and References

HTML Fundamentals Videos

This is a series of videos I made showing the fundamentals of HTML and how to write it. HTML Fundamentals Part 1 This covers the basics of what HTML is and it’s purpose. Duration: (11:10) HTML Fundamentals Part 2: How to Write HTML In this video I cover writing HTML and how tags are structured… Continue reading HTML Fundamentals Videos

2/22 + 2/24

WEEK 4 BEFORE CLASS: LEARN DO THIS BEFORE MONDAY Finish Installing VS Code and Node from the Dev Environment Setup Install the Markdown All In One Extension for VS Code I have a Video Walkthrough Do the Markdown Tutorial https://www.markdowntutorial.com/ Note, if you get stuck or just want to move on you can click skip.… Continue reading 2/22 + 2/24

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Class Communication

On Monday 2.1 class we voted to use Discord as our preferred communication method. Here is what you need to get started with Discord.