Submitting the Portfolio Brief

Instructions on how to submit your Portfolio Brief.


Please submit your brief as a single PDF file. I suggest using Microsoft Word or Google docs to create it and then exporting as PDF.

You will most likely use some other tool (Figma, XD, etc) to create your wireframes and site map. Export an image from that tool and then import it into Word or Docs.

Remember to organize the file so it has clear headings and sections.

Due Date

Files are due to be uploaded to Blackboard on Tuesday, September 14.

Uploading to Blackboard

  1. Login to our course on Blackboard
  2. Click on Assignments in the Navigation
  3. Click on the Portfolio Brief Assignment
  4. Upload your file
  5. Click Submit.

note: the assignment will be made available in Blackboard closer to the due date.

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