Darryl Burns Long Paper Outline

Film: Redline

Slide 1 Focus: Short Summary

  • What the film is about?
  • Is it inspired by any other form of media?
  • Can I compare it to another film or series for those who haven’t seen it?

Slide 2 Focus: Why I decided on this film

  • What scene left the strongest impression on me?
  • What do I find appealing about the story?
  • How do I feel about the characters’ designs and or motives in the film?

Slide 3 Focus: Animation

  • What animation techniques they used that I could point out.
  • Any scene in particular that I would want to bring up.
  • The animation studio that worked on the film /any of their other works.

Slide 4 Focus: Characters

  • Compare some of the cast to characters people might recognize.
  • Their motivations / driving force in the film.
  • Who I would consider my favorite character in the film.

Slide 5 Focus: Production Story / Film turnout

  • How long was the film in production?
  • Was the film well received during its debut?
  • Was there any trouble during the production of the film?
  • Can I compare the production story to any other film or series?

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