Tamia Scarlett

Title: “Composition in Blue” (Excerpt) by Oskar Fischinger

I. Introduction

  • Briefly introduce Oskar Fischinger as a pioneering animator and his work.
  • Explain the focus on a specific excerpt from the film.

II. Excerpt Description

  • Provide a detailed description of the selected excerpt, including visual and auditory elements.
  • Emphasize the abstract and non-representational nature of the animation.
  • Discuss the significance of the color blue within the composition.
  • Analyze the rhythmic movement and its resemblance to music or dance.

III. Oskar Fischinger’s Style

  • Explore Oskar Fischinger’s unique animation style, including his use of shapes, lines, and patterns.
  • Discuss Fischinger’s interest in visualizing music through animation and his collaborations with musicians and composers.

IV. Historical and Cultural Context

  • Provide context for when “Composition in Blue” was created, including the artistic movements and influences of the time.

V. Personal Attraction to the Film

  • Mention that attraction could be due to the film’s technique, aesthetic, or its role in the development of animation.
  • Suggest that its historical and political context may also be of interest to some viewers, particularly in relation to avant-garde art movements.

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