Tatiana Myrick


The Adventures of Krazy cat and Ignatz by George Herriman had caught my eye more than the other comical animations and I felt more drawn to it a lot more, I chose this animation to work on because of how it reminds me of tom and Jerry a bit, I find it interesting of the backstory and I wonder if Tom and Jerry had this somewhat inspiration from Krazy cat and Ignatz. I also thought it was interesting that Krazy had both male and female pronouns in some parts of their films. As a kid, I used to love reading newspapers, which just took me back and made me more interested in looking into them more.

My Questions:

How did the concept of this comic/animation happen?

What made Herriman use Male/female pronouns?

How did people feel about Krazy the cat having more than one pronoun?

Why was the comic not as popular as others?

I wonder how people would react to this comic in today's time?

If Herriman could change one thing about this comic, what would he change?

Things I want to research about Krazy cat and Ignatz the Mouse:

The reason behind the pronouns

The history of the comic coming along

People's thoughts and opinions on Herriman’s work.

Herriman’s history with comic art.

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