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Atlas Rodriguez Week 11(long paper outline)

For this long paper, I will be using Spiderman: Into the spider-verse

This film is about an afro-Latino boy named Mile Morales, he is bit by a glitched radioactive spider, and when trying to figure out his new abilities he is met with other versions of spiderman from different universes. He and the rest of the spider people try to stop Kingpin from causing a catastrophe, while also trying to get the rest of the spider people back to their universe. This film is very interesting to me because of the different animation styles, and techniques used throughout the movie. It shows the struggle of how great expectations could affect someone’s actions and mindset, and this really speaks to me as someone who also deals with that personally. 

During this long paper, I will focus on the types of animation techniques used, and what inspired them to create the film using those style types. How did they impact people after the film, and why was it such a success? 

I will be using the readings from the lessons to compare the film and what animation techniques could have inspired the directors to add to the film. 

Emmanuel Sterling W11

The movie that I will be focusing on is: Inside Out.

This movie about the inner emotions that has been drawn inside of a young girl named Riley who moved from Minnesota to San Francisco with her parents. And also, there are five emotions that showcase their own personalities which is: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

I am drawn to this movie, because of its story and it discusses about the character’s struggle with the emotions and her new lifestyle changes.

I will be researching about the animation style, production style, box office, and cinematography style.

Yohenny Alix W7

Prompt 2

They use all the tools to make as much humor as possible. stuttering with the spression on their face in the beginning of the video you can see when he follow the soldier and get ready to shoot him his gun start dropping some liquid and the rival soldier knows he can get the change to leave or to kill him, in that moment when he start smiling his teeth was getting bigger to cause a big smile which its part of movements plus the voices complete the full sense of humor.