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Atlas Rodriguez SP Outline

The film I will analyze is “The skeleton dance”. It was animated by UB Iwerks. The characters in the film make actions that go to the beat of the music composed. The music was composed by Carl W Stalling. From the music and animation, the tone of the film is seen as funny and playful with a slight sense of unease due to some of the characters and animation.

Along with the film itself, I will also provide texts from https://www.thedisneyclassics.com/blog/the-skeleton-dance to add more information on the film and its history.

I am drawn to this film because of the use of animation being used as a way to visualize the music in the background. I would like to know more about the techniques UB Iwerks used to have created this along with many others.

I will be researching more about what kinds of techniques were used. Who worked on it, and for how long before it was produced? Why was it created along with what were the ideas behind creating it? Also, how has it affected people throughout time?