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Yohenny Alix W5

In the video you can see a few differences between the dwarfs, for example their noses are not similar two that I can describe with differences are Happy and Dopey, you can see big difference in Dopey he looks young and with not hair meaning he looks more like a special boy the color of his eyes are a light blue almost like grey and his ears are stremely big. Happy his face is a little longer in his cheeks which makes his face bigger and different he has white and wide eyebrows and is a little chubbier than the rest. Happy’s voices sound more like a person with a stuffy nose that’s the tone of their sound and dopey because they don’t speak.

Yohenny Alix W4 ( short paper outline)

The movie I will take to work is “The Three Little Pigs” I decided to take this film because of the story and the aesthetics in it.

I was always a lover of animated figures and the three little pigs is a story that has been told for many generations well, every time you read or see about it you can see more things and find other meanings in it.

the extra information I will use is from https://www.learningally.org/Portals/6/Docs/TeacherResources/LA_Analysis_TrueStory3LittlePigs.pdf, where I would be available to get more information about the production in this history.