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Yohenny Alix W3

They are both drawings with different backgrounds, for example in Emile Cohl’s “Fantasmagorie” you can see how the lines work so closely together that everything changes shape quickly, and being just white lines with a completely black background makes it a little easier to be able to read the movements and the message you want to project to the public. In Winsor McCay’s “Gertie the Dinosaur” you can see simple lines in two black and white colors the same as in McCay’s, the only thing that the background changes which makes it different, and the producer gives simple messages like having a silent conversation with the dinosaur ordering him to do, how the drawn figures move is different in a point of view they move slowly but at the same time fast enough to achieve a movement that makes it look like a moving animation and with which it produces sound.

Emmanuel Sterling W9

In “Rooty Tooty Toot”, it uses the colors and the patterns in an abstract and distinctive way to convey the tone of the characters. And I think it is effective to tell the story about the characters, because it designs to play each characters in a very unique way to showcase their different personalities and how the courtroom can affect them. Frankie represents the color red, because it symbolizes his anger and jealousy.

Tyla Baxter W7

Prompt 2:

By giving the characters silly voices, and movements, Private Snafu conveys his message through humor, while also educating the troops about the consequences of not following orders.

Seeing Mel Blanc voice the main character gave them a familiarity with him as he is known for voicing many funny cartoon characters, giving them a sense that it was the typical Warner Bros. cartoon, but more educational.

Shreya Lama, W9

Prompt 1

The colors in “Rooty Tooty Toot” are minimal and look like a painting and sometimes we can see colors don’t stay within the lines of the character or objects. The background is drawn with abstract patterns and often changes color from brighter to darker shades to show the difference between the present and the flashback. The characters look like simple stick figures, but every character is drawn with different shapes; some are seen with colors, and some are left colorless to give that contrasting look. I think it is effective and tells the story by using these means as it is simple, but each color and abstract pattern represents each character and their personality and at the same time conveys the incident that happened and is taking place in the courtroom. Frankie can be seen wearing Red and red can sometimes represent anger and danger which signifies that she, in fact, has a temper and shot Johnny out of jealousy.