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Tyla Baxter – SP Outline

The movie I will be focusing on is: The Silly Symphony Series

I chose this because I have been a fan of this series ever since I was little as the Three Little Pigs short film was one of my favorites growing up. I enjoy most of these shorts for their aesthetics and techniques. It also shows similarities to other cartoons that I have watched as a kid including various cartoons owned by Warner Bros.

The elements I will be focusing on are the process of creating the films, the impact they had on the animation industry and the world, as well as going more into depth about the animation style and analyzing each film.

Michael Lleras SP Outline

The movie I decide to pick is steamboat willie. I choose to pick this because I grew up watching Mickey Mouse it was the first animation I ever saw. Since Mickey Mouse is cast in the short film I will be writing about how Mickey Mouse progressed to be one of the most popular characters in modern animation. I will be writing about Mickey Mouse’s history such as

  • The creation process
  • History
  • Impact on the industry
  • Popularity

Emmanuel Sterling W4 – short paper online

The movie that I will be focusing is Silly Symphony.

I am drawn to this film because I love the fact that Disney has put out the technique during the 1930s and it reminds me Looney Tunes in a different way. And one thing I have realized is this is the first cartoon short that is made in color.

The elements that I will be researching is the animation style and the drawing style that has been from the old Disney short films. And also, I will be discussing about how the film series has been distributed by the number of film companies.

Marshal Neptune

The movie I will be focusing on: Bambi

I am choosing Bambi for the story because it kind of reminds me of what is happening to most of us or has already happened to us. It reminds me of growing up and people teach you about the dangers around us but then you also gain friends. we know that the world offers terrible things but it also offers good things to

I am also choosing it because it was a little different from the rest it shows realistic movement, unlike other animations where you see bugs or insects jumping like rabbits

what I will be researching

What is the main point of Bambi?

The story of Bambi

did Bambi impact the world in any way?

what’s it based on?