A local television or radio station is a business that produces and transmits programming to a specific DMA or Designated Market Area, such as the Chicago metropolitan area.  Some TV local stations are network affiliates.  They have contractual agreements with networks to show only network programming during primetime hours.    Most TV local stations are independently owned, but some are owned and operated by TV networks (O&Os).

Local radio stations usually produce their own programming, opting to only broadcast network news programming a few hours each day.  Because of the high cost of producing TV shows, most local TV stations offer programs produced by either networks or syndication companies (syndicated shows).

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires local TV stations to produce a certain amount of local programming each day in order to maintain their FCC Broadcast License.  These TV stations will often produce local news, morning talk shows and/or public affairs shows to serve their viewers.

– Carol Basuru