Green Screen

While CGI can be used to create films in which all the visuals are created in a digital environment (i.e: “Toy Story”), “Computer Generated Imagery” is also often used in conjunction with live-action footage (i.e: “Jurassic World”… and most Hollywood blockbusters). In that case, the action is shot in front of a bright green (or blue) background which will be replaced by CGI content in the post-production process.

The neon-like color is used because it is not found in skin tone and can thus easily be chroma-keyed (selected and replaced) without affecting the actors. Adobe  After Effects is a software popularly used for the chroma-keying process.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” made extensive use of green screens. All the green backgrounds in this video are replaced by CGI content in the final film.

“Guardians of the Galaxy – Behind the Scene” [Click to watch]

– Anna Pinkas