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Kari Munoz Journal Entry #2

Question: Can you imagine being an audience remember at one of Gaspard Robertson’s “Fantasmagorie” shows in 1797? What do you think your reaction would have been? Can you think of any form of entertainment that would elicit the same emotions today? (Re-)read/watch these resources for inspiration:


It would have been terrifying to be in the audience at one of Gaspard Robertson’s “Fantasmagorie” shows in 1797. During this time, people were going through a brutal revolution in which many people died. I would likely believe that these ghosts are from the British Revolution and are haunting the people. He’ll definitely have me wondering whether or not these illusions are real. Since, TV’s were non existing yet this show was definitely something to look forward too. Horror and thriller movies, contain jump scares, are another form of entertainment that would elicit the same emotions. Due to the superstition of ghosts, these shows were most likely all sold out at the time.

Natalia Ruzzi W1

Hi there! My name is Natalia, I’m a VAT major currently in my last semester at BMCC. I chose this course because animation has always been one of my favorite types of media even though I myself do not necessarily want to be an animator. One of my favorite types is claymation, so I would always love to learn more about that. Frankly the more time I spend at BMCC, the less I feel like I know what I want to do career wise, but as of now I think I would like to write for shows or be an assistant on sets. I’m a big fan of rodents (currently have a gerbil) and I enjoy collecting stickers and stationery.

Ricardo Aristizabal W1 MES 160 1100[35616]

My name is Ricardo Aristizabal, I chose this course because I needed a W intensive and wanted to do it while learning something personally interesting. Animation has been part of my life ever since I can remember, Pixar ruled my attention with Toy story, wall-e, finding Nemo, Incredibles, etc. I’m majoring in psychology, aspiring to become a school psychologist. I practice stand-up, meme-making, podcast production. Pizza, pizza, pizza.