Long Paper Outline – Zachary Furtado – Week 11

The film I have chosen to write my long paper about is the tv show Over the Garden Wall (2014) and produced by Cartoon Network Studios on November 3rd. 

I am drawn to this show because during this time, it was such a strange and interesting tv show that no one had really seen before from Cartoon Network. It was warm and cheery while also having a sense of fear of the unknown that was mentioned throughout the series. The background was highly detailed and very atmospheric and the world was strange, yet very inviting. While the animation was very simple, the story was charming and made you question everything that was happening. 

I hope to focus on the following in my paper:

  • What program was used to animate the series?
  • What inspired the director and animators?
  • Was there multiple mediums used?
  • Were there other outside inspirations?
  • How did this story come to be?

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