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PSY 200 (110W): Social Psychology SP2020 Prof. David Caicedo

PSY 200 (110W): Social Psychology SP2020 Prof. David Caicedo

The course introduces students to major theories and scientific findings in social psychology emphasizing personal situational behavior. Research and application in the areas of social thinking, social influence and social relations are discussed. Students may choose topics including, but not limited to, attitudes and beliefs, conformity, prejudice, group behavior and leadership, communication and persuasion.


ASAP Pre-Health Society

ASAP Pre-Health Society

The mission of the Premedical Society is to provide an opportunity for all BMCC students interested in medical and/or health related careers to organize a community; and with the help of the society’s events and resources, learn about the medical environment and specializations, and cultivate skills and knowledge necessary for successful entry to medical school.


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