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BMCC Urban Male Leadership Academy

BMCC Urban Male Leadership Academy

Ashtian C. Holmes, Yuleisy Audain

This is a community dedicated to the incredible students, alumni, advocates, and allies of the BMCC Urban Male Leadership Academy. UMLA is passionately committed to its goal of increasing the enrollment, […]

Multi-Media Template Portfolio

Multi-Media Template Portfolio

Iqra Sheikh, Raquel Neris

This is a Multi-Media Template Portfolio

Art History Majors

Yan Yang

Information and resources for Art History Majors at BMCC

Children & Youth Studies

Tali Noimann

The Associate in Arts degree in Children and Youth Studies offers a holistic and comprehensive perspective on children and young people. The program also provides a diversity of career opportunities that are […]

ASAP Peer Mentor Open Lab

Joeline LeCadre

This is a shared community created by the asap peer mentors to facilitate community and togetherness to help asap students who need help with any college related and build a comfortability around sharing […]

Writing and Literature Portfolio Template

Raquel Neris

This is a portfolio template for students in Writing and Literature major.

STEM Portfolio Template

Raquel Neris, Iqra Sheikh

This is a portfolio template for students in STEM majors.

STEM portfolio

Iqra Sheikh

This is a test example of what a STEM portfolio can look like

Christina Neubrand’s Educational Portfolio

Christina Neubrand’s Educational Portfolio

”All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” – Sean O’Casey

Graphic design

Graphic design


Product Photography, Head shots, and High fashion,