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Office of Student Activites

Office of Student Activites


The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is responsible for promoting extracurricular and co-curricular programs that complement and enhance each student’s academic experience and personal development. S […]

Economics, Equality and Environment Club

Tenzin Sinon

The purpose of this club is to increase awareness on campus of current local and global economic issues that affect all of our lives. To encourage students to be in action and more involved with Economics and to […]

Communication Studies Club

Communication Studies Club

Eliot Chayt

The BMCC Communications Studies Club welcomes students to join and become a resource for each other as they share information and opportunities together. Meetings: Virtual meetings / Wednesdays, 2pm / Meeting […]

BMCC Finance & Banking Club

Yanni Tournas

The Finance and Banking Club in discussion format, covers economic developments, finance industry topics and monetary policy: – From a theoretical perspective; – From an historical perspective; – And applies […]

Writers’ Guild Club

Bjarni Erlendsson

The mission of the club is to provide a forum where students interested in all forms of creative writing and journalism can explore and express their curiosity and creative voice. Meetings: In person / […]

Out in Two Club

Out in Two Club

Maria Ramirez

The purpose of the club is to provide Out-in-Two scholars an engaging environment to get to know more about the school’s campus, its activities and resources. Meetings: Hybrid (Both in-person & virtual) / W […]

Sculpture Club

Indigo Bywater

The mission of the Sculpture Club is to encourage the exploration and appreciation of sculpture by BMCC students, and to provide a place for creative three-dimensional expression at the college. Meetings: In […]

Rainbow Panthers Club

Rainbow Panthers Club

Yuliya Shneyderman

Our mission is to To provide a safe and supportive environment for lgbtqia BMCC students and their cisgender and a heterosexual allies. Meetings: Virtual meetings / Wednesdays, 2pm / Meeting details will be […]

Computer Programming Club

Computer Programming Club

Raquel Neris

Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership skills. To develop advanced problem solving skills in programming. Meetings: Virtual meetings / Wednesdays, 2pm / Meeting details […]

Psychology Club

Psychology Club

Mohamed Elghamry, Izabella Orozco

Our mission is to inform students about new research in Psychology to help students find what branch of psychology they are pursuing and how to get the best out of this career and the CUNY system. Meetings: […]

Student Nurses Association Club

Antonio Silva

The club mission is to promote health wellness and illness prevention, awareness of health related support groups to the student body and resources for student nurses to learn more about how to help the public […]

Cinema Arts Club

Cinema Arts Club

Kevin Smith

The mission of this club shall be to easily allow artistic students to start networking in the film industry within a centralized location, provide filmmaking experience to students of any skill range and allow […]