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LMS Transition at BMCC

Gina Cherry, Thomas Harbison

A space for sharing information about the upcoming transition from Blackboard to Brightspace.

Academic Senate

Academic Senate

Christopher Stein

The online community for the BMCC Academic Senate.

BLA Trauma Informed Pedagogy Workshop Summer 2020

Jen Longley

This community is open to all interested in trauma informed teaching and learning, but was designed for the BLA Trauma Informed Pedagogy August 2020 workshop series.

LIN100 Language & Culture

LIN100 Language & Culture

Cynthia S Wiseman
Linguistics and Literacy, A.A.|LIN100/ANT115|Spring 2021

This course will introduce the student to the study of language in multicultural urban settings. The course will introduce related topics, such as bilingual/bidialectal families and bilingual education, language […]