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BMCC Reads

jean amaral

BMCC Reads – The space for sharing books, reviews, clubs, films and ideas

GAINS Scholars

Alexa Andrade

This is the ONLINE COMMUNITY of the Gaining Academic Insight & New Strategies Program (GAINS). Connect with others or tap into free and valuable resources. Through this collaboration between the BMCC Counseling […]

Library Peer Ambassadors

Alexandra Medina, Christopher Lopez

The Library Peer Ambassador program is a student-led, student-centered cohort designed to cultivate belonging, professional development, and intellectual curiosity for both cohort members and the students the […]

BMCC Voices

jean amaral

A space for the BMCC community to share audio and podcasts created by students, staff, and faculty.

Race, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at BMCC

Shenique S. Davis

TBD: REI openlab community.

Comics & Graphic Novel Community

Comics & Graphic Novel Community

Christopher Lopez

Community for folks passion about discussing comics and graphic novel at BMCC. SITE/COMMUNITY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Summer 2022 Anti-racist Pedagogy Seminar: Transforming the Classroom

Summer 2022 Anti-racist Pedagogy Seminar: Transforming the Classroom

Professor Grant

The Anti-racist Pedagogy Project is committed to increasing faculty and staff knowledge and awareness of the issues of overt, systemic and institutional racism, implicit bias and microaggressions and supporting […]

The BMCC OpenLab | News, Info, & Help

Syelle Graves, Christopher Stein

Students, staff, faculty | Join the group and visit the site for news and updates about the OpenLab! All are welcome.

Asset-Based Teaching/Being Methods

Roderick (Shane) Snipes

For faculty and staff who want to integrate trauma-aware and asset-based teaching into the offices and classes.

BMCC Urban Male Leadership Academy

BMCC Urban Male Leadership Academy

Ashtian C. Holmes, Yuleisy Audain

This is a community dedicated to the incredible students, alumni, advocates, and allies of the BMCC Urban Male Leadership Academy. UMLA is passionately committed to its goal of increasing the enrollment, […]