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jean amaral

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Introduction to Literature, ENG 201, Fall 2020, Prof. Perry

Introduction to Literature, ENG 201, Fall 2020, Prof. Perry

Writing and Literature, A.A.|Other|ENG 201|Fall 2020

English 201 Intro to Literature for Spring 2020.

The Math Group

Ivan Retamoso

This is an open space to talk about MATHEMATICS

Research and Scholarship


Updates on faculty and student scholarships

ECO 201 | Macroeconomics | Al Eisenbarth | Section 1605 | Fall 2020

Al Eisenbarth
Economics, A.A.|ECO 201|Fall 2020

This course is intended primarily for those students who intend to pursue professional careers in fields such as economics, finance, management, and administration. It is also open to highly motivated students in […]


Anna Pinkas

Information on the BMCC Makerspace (opened to all faculty and students)

BLA Trauma Informed Pedagogy Workshop Summer 2020

Jen Longley

This community is open to all interested in trauma informed teaching and learning, but was designed for the BLA Trauma Informed Pedagogy August 2020 workshop series.

Carmen Morales’s Portfolio

Carmen Morales’s Portfolio

Simply Carmen, a student, mom, wife, friend. A very hard worker, and very devoted. I believe in never leaving for tomorrow anything that can be done today; never be a quitter. finish what you start and do your job […]

ECE 411 Capstone Project

ECE 411 Capstone Project

Bertha Minchala

Capstone Project

Where I’m From by janiah Payne

Where I’m From by janiah Payne

Ja'Niah Payne

Where im from