Virtual Student Federal Service Internships

If you would like to do an internship in Fall 2021, the Virtual Student Federal Service has a lot of opportunities for internships.

The Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) is a nine-month, unpaid Internship. Internships are virtual; students have a flexible schedule. The government needs the talent, fresh ideas, and digital excellence of U.S. college students. VSFS Interns will increase the digital capacity of federal agencies participating, whether technically, artistically or via increased communication. Interns have the opportunity to connect with each other and work collaboratively. Projects may be research based, contributing to reports on issues such as human rights, economics or the environment. They may also be more technology oriented, such as working on web pages, or helping produce electronic journals. Students are expected to work virtually on an average of 10 hours per week on VSFS Internship projects.

How it Works

Course Credit

In order to have the internship count at BMCC for credit, you will need to be registered for the MEA 371 internship course. If you are already registered, great. If not, you will need to contact the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning. You can not register on CUNYfirst, you must go through the office.

Because the projects run from September through May, you can also register for MEA 371 in Spring 2022 semester and use this program as your internship. Once again, you will still need to contact Internships and Experiential Learning to register.


To participate you must be

  1. A U.S. citizen
  2. High School Graduate
  3. Enrolled in a college (ie still a BMCC student). It can be part time or full time.

Because these are virtual internships you will need a computer and have access to the internet. If you don’t have those contact the MEA department and we can help you get a computer and internet access,

The Basic Process

  1. US Agencies post projects that are looking for help from students. You can see a list here
    1. There are a lot of projects listed. Try using the search with terms like design, and video.
  2. You apply to three of the projects. The deadline to apply is July 31, 2021
  3. The agencies will select from the applicants in August. Work starts in September.

Application Process

  1. Research and Get Ready
    1. Create an account on USA Jobs. You will need information on hand to build a resume for your USA Jobs profile. It will ask for work experience, education, references.
    2. Get a copy of your transcript.
    3. Read up on the projects and do some research on the agency that is proposing the project.
    4. Pick Three projects.
  2. Visit the web site below and click the Apply button
  3. Submit short responses and share what you can bring to each project you apply for. This is where you use the research you did before to help talk about why you’re interested in the project and a good fit.
  4. Interview (virtually) with the project managers if they’re interested
  5. Accept an offer if one is made. If multiple offers are made, you can only accept one.

More information at:

Application Deadline: July 31

Read more about the program at and follow on LinkedIn for updates:

More information:

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