Online in Fall 2020

We were really looking forward to seeing everyone this fall, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Because of concerns for safety, the difficult requirements for building access, uncertainty about another wave of the virus and to give both you and your teachers stability for the fall and time to plan, we are moving MEA courses online. It will stay online regardless of any general announcements or changes that might come from CUNY or BMCC.

Please continue to check your email. We will be reaching out to students this Summer to find out and try to help address any needs and concerns you have regarding the Fall. This includes technology needs related to 1)access to the Internet, 2) access to a computer, 3) access to software. We want to try to get everyone set up to work from home and the earlier we know about issues, the more likely we will be able to help address them. Your professor will also be getting in touch with you about specific needs for the course.

To view all of the courses we will offer in fall, visit our Fall 2020 Course Listing page.

If you’re not sure who to contact you can the chair Chris Stein or the office administrator, Jennifer Heron. Visit the Contact page for more information.

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  1. Josue Lopez

    Hi Im suppose to have a mes 140 intro to moving images class today at 6pm but I haven’t received an email from my teacher yet. I was just wondering how I could get in touch with them.

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