New Course: Intro to Virtual Production

Learn the fundamentals of using Unreal Engine for virtual production workflows. This fall Thursdays 1p-4:40p with Prof Carlo Diego. Details below.

MEA 300 courses go into special topics related to or not covered by our standard classes. This fall we have a special topics course in virtual production (see below). MEA 300 classes count in different ways depending on your major:

If you have questions about this or would like to request that the class apply to a different major requirement, contact the Department Administrator Jennifer Heron at

You cannot register for this class in CUNYfirst; you need MEA Department approval. To register for this class, please send the following information to

  • First and last name
  • BMCC ID#
  • Major.
  • MEA 300-1300 Topics in Media Arts and Tech (Class nbr:44844) Thursdays 1:00 PM–4:40 PM, FH-1007 Prof Carlo Diego

MEA 300 Special Topics: Intro to Virtual Production

This introductory course will teach you the fundamentals of using Unreal Engine for various Virtual Production workflows. Each assignment is built around real-world briefs to teach you the skills studios look for in Unreal Engine artists. You will learn how to import assets, world-build, animate, and create cinematic sequences in real-time. The class meets in person on Thursdays 1pm-4:40pm with Prof Carlo Diego teaching.

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