Erin Brady


MMA 100 – Foundations of Digital Graphic Design

MMP 100 – Introduction to Multimedia

MMP 200 – Multimedia Design

MMP 210 – Multimedia Programming I

MMP 240 – Web Design

MMP 310 – Multimedia Programming II

MMP 350 – Advanced Web Design



Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6 pm – 9 pm

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About Me:

Hi, I’m Erin and I graduated from BMCC in Summer 2019 with an A.S. degree in Multimedia Programming and Design. Since then, I joined the Year Up program and I am now interning through them as a full-stack software engineer at Walmart E-commerce. I work with UI/UX development with React (JavaScript), and I use Java’s Spring framework for back-end tasks.

I started my journey at BMCC with absolutely no prior knowledge of anything technical or design-related. Now, I decided to become a tutor to help other students learn the basics so that they can start their own careers. Outside of work and studying, I enjoy hiking, gardening, and playing video games. I look forward to working with you!