Mobile Photography

An ignored flower, if observed closely, still retains beauty.

This photo was taken in Long Beach many moons ago.

Niagara Falls is a place of wonders.

This photo was taken in Ithaca, New York, capturing serenity.

Film Photography

This photograph was taken on Governer’s Island of an object titled “the moving Chains.”

This photo was taken with a Pentax K1000. The model is named Allim Moonab, This photograph captured time frozen in place.

This photo was taken with a Contax t2 camera. I used the same model under different lighting conditions to achieve this piece.

This photograph was taken using B&W film. I like using this film because of its timeless effect on images. It leaves you wondering what colors were in place.

This next photograph was originally taken in color film by my partner, but I edited the image to add the B&W effect. It’s the only self-portrait in my collection.

Digital Photography

This photograph was taken with a Canon Rebel t7. I found this small thrift shop in the city and noticed everything was neatly organized and in place, resulting in me snapping a photo.

This park is located in New York but yet remains unique in a special way.

I titled this work “A Gift is Falling from the Sky,” freezing motion in the process.