The Joneses- Week H Assignment

Yes, I would categorize the way Jones family lives as personal selling. It is because they are personally having conversations and interactions with their neighbors and friends about those products. Not only that, they are also selling visually and through demonstrations.

Brands nowadays, are often using social media influencers and celebrities to advertise their products. Examples include L’Oreal, Zara, Dior as well as many other brands we are new to. Sometimes they don’t mention or tell us they are wearing or using that product for the purpose of advertising or that they are being paid for it. When people see their favorite celebrities wearing those products, they instantly feel a want to buy them, because if you like someone, you would also like their choice and what they use and also if you want to be like them or idealize them.

I do not think the way the Jones family markets is ethical. They are deceiving people by lying to them and not telling them their true motives. The movie itself portrays how damaging and unethical it is. Their neighbor Larry, takes his life due to his inability to pay the mortgage, as he was buying what Jones was selling to him. Getting jealous and insecure of Jones’ luxury, he overspent because he couldn’t afford it all.

If I was friends with the Jones family, i certainly would have been influenced to some degree like anyone could have been. We unconsciously do get influenced if someone we know appreciates or promotes a product. I myself get attracted towards a product if my loved ones or someone I know recommends it from their own mouth rather than a company’s advertisement. It is because it feels more real. However if I found out their secret, I would feel fooled and would instantly distance myself from them and warn other people of their reality.

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