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Assignment E


After watching the episode proposed in the assignment, I decided to talk more about the kettle gryp. To be honest, I though their idea was very clever and their way of promoting their products to the “sharks” was fantastic. The prepared themselves to a excellent presentation, having all the information they would need in the top of their heads.

A Kettle Gryp is a gym accessory for hand weights that provides the possibility to use a dumbbell as a kettlebell by attaching a well constructed plastic gryp to the existing dumbbell’s handle, as a result having a real kettlebell. According to their website, they promise a full workout at a range of weights anywhere you can find a dumbbell, it is also a great addition to your home gym or travel bag. This product can reach many ages, it is also a product that can fit to a verity of people.

According to the entrepreneurs, after COVID, they started to make a lot of profit, because people have the easiness to workout in their homes. Also, it was build to make peoples lives easier, by having the possibility of doing many different workouts without changing anything of the product.

In my opinion, the best way of marketing this product would be on social media, through videos and also, celebrities showing how to use it.

A Portable Dumbbell Adapter

All Entrepreneurs face challenges when starting a new business. This is especially true when you are trying to sell an idea to potential investors. The show Shark Tank offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to meet with “Sharks” and pitch their ideas in the hopes that one of the “Sharks” will give them an offer and help fund their ideas.

While watching season 13 episode 13 of “Shark Tank”, the pitch that resonated with me the most was “Kettle Gryp”. “Kettle Gryp” is a portable dumbbell adapter, that transforms the dumbbell into a kettlebell weight. The “Kettle Gryp” works by opening it and placing the dumbbell in the middle, closing the “Kettle Gryp”, and securing the latch. It’s as easy as that. “Kettle Gryp” works just as well as any kettlebell weight and can hold virtually any dumbbell up to 55lbs. The creators of “Kettle Gryp”, Dan and Andy came to the show seeking a $300,000 investment for 10% equity. Their presentation was well thought out, interesting, easy to understand, and informative. With a lifetimes sale of 3.6 million dollars, they had all the “Sharks” impressed as well as me.

Today, this idea is wonderful. With a focus on health and wellness, more people than ever are working out. The Kettlebell weight has become very popular. Being able to transform an existing dumbbell into a kettle weight is a great way to save space and money in your home gyms. For someone like myself who lives in an apartment, this is extremely appealing. A Consumer looking to save space and money would feel like they need this product because it fulfills both those needs.

“Kettle Gryp” should be positioned by using a benefits position. Highlighting and labeling the benefits of this product on its packaging, in its ads, and throughout its brand, gives the consumer a clear and coherent understanding of why they need this product. It will also show the consumer that this product is their best option and make the consumer want to purchase this product rather than buying a regular kettlebell weight or a competitor’s version. “Kettle Gryp” should also use target positioning to draw in their target market audience, being anyone who is seeking a kettlebell or a consumer who wants something cheaper and space-saving. By using these two positioning techniques “Kettle Gryp” will be able to have a competitive position.

In conclusion, the founders of “Kettle Gryp” Dan and Andy, have created a new product with a large need. Having the convenience of being able to use one weight in 2 forms is extremely appealing to anyone who uses both dumbbells and kettlebells. This product is innovative and extremely useful. I am sure with the help of the “Shark”, Lori Greiner who is a “master” at marketing, Dan and Andy’s Company will grow and prosper.



Assignment Week E

The pitch that resonated with me the most, in the Shark Tank episode, is the KETTLE GRYP. This product was planned and created very cleverly by satisfying customer want and especially need.. Kettle Gryp is a gym accessory for hand weights that provides the possibility to use a dumbbell as a kettlebell by attaching a well constructed plastic gryp to the existing dumbbell’s handle, as a result having a real kettlebell. Kettle gryp is able to hold firm weights up to 55 lbs. The product set up instructions are very easy to understand, and to make it work on the dumbbell. Thus, different aged customers are able to use it. Once the kettle gryp is in its open stage the customer needs to place the dumbbell, in the specified marked location, close the kettle gryp, secure the latch, and the kettlebell is ready to exercise with.  In order to do different exercises, we usually need different kinds of equipment, and mainly different kinds of weights, spending a significant amount of money. However, with this product we don’t have to worry anymore about buying separate kettlebells, spending tons of money, and looking for a space to store them in a small apartment. The most important is that it provides the possibility to execute different, and more movements safely. That’s why customers need this product. I love the idea of this new product, and I think that the shark made a very good investment. Kettle Gryp could be best positioned to appeal to customers by making a packaging that jumps it out from the crowd. There are few competitors, but their product differs in many points of view.  Also, it would be beneficial to design a package that matches very well the product, but focusing on the customer as well. For instance, applying attractive colors, adding motivational pictures, and making the customer realize that this product fits them the best. In addition, the brand plays a significant role also. Since, most of the time the purchasing decision is influenced by the brand it is essential to create a brand that will make customers recognize that they can trust not only the product but the brand as well.


Shark Tank

The first pitch kind of stuck out to me more because im an athlete and a person who works out. I like the way they thought and the strategy that went in to this. They had an answer for everything and handled everything smoothly. I felt like I was even there the way they made the sharks feel so comfortable.

The product makes it easier to workout, its safer, and makes it so easy to feel motivated and have fun. Consumer should feel that they want/need this product because, it will benefit you, is cheaper than other similar products, can do the workout from the comfort of your home , and it’s a great way to boost your self esteem.

These two guys made a great pitch, they understood how to get everyone involved, grabbed their attention, and made a powerful delivery. I like the way they came together and hit on all cylinders. They were both prepared and had their product and their product info set up perfectly.

This product and their owners understood how to properly deliver this and make you want to buy the product. The whole workout process can be stressful at times and this just relieves some of that stress while also being able to enjoy a workout at home or on the go. Personally I like the fact it involves working out because that’s something I enjoy so I automatically was invested into this product.

I can sense the sharks enjoyed it even though they probably did not see much potential in it, they liked everything about it. The fact they were able to joke around with them and make them feel comfortable just made it so much better for them and their pitch.