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Week G Assignment

People desire to be like the Joneses because they’re attractive, friendly, wealthy, and they constantly appear to be ahead of the game in terms of what they drive, wear, play, and consume. They never brag about themselves. People aspire to be like them. The Jones family’s lifestyles are best described as personal selling because they devoted their lives to introducing and promoting many things to potential buyers.

Some similarities and tactics I see between the Jones family and some of my favorite brands are how they use people to promote their brands. Many companies now pay individuals with many followers on social media to wear their products so their business will sell. Also, everyone wants it as soon as one famous person wears it and starts reposting the consequences; this is shown with the Telfar bags. As soon as Beyonce wore one of their bags, they began to sell out.

The Jones lifestyle is unethical. They moved into a wealthy neighborhood and played pretend family to market and sell products. They made it seem like they were the perfect family that is smart and rich when in reality, they are not. Although their sales tactics worked, it was not ethically correct.

I am not a person easily influenced by name brands and fancy items. However, if in their shoes, I would feel that I was playing. The way the Jones family portrayed themselves made their friends want to be like them.


WEEK B Assignment

There are many reasons why businesses fail in their 2 years or shut down permanently, and one of the main reasons why some businesses fail is because of their business plans because if they don’t outline their goals and what they need to do every day to gain customers and have products that people want to buy and come back for more, they won’t gain interest. If you open a business next to a slow street, you won’t get any clients because there isn’t anything around to draw people in or inform them about it. Bad location, internet presence, and marketing.Because advertising your product and social media give you the greater benefit of people knowing about it and coming to buy it, having a location on the internet and your social media power can be just as significant as having a real location in a market facility. Another reason businesses fail is that they expand too quickly and realize they won’t have to work as hard as they did when they first started, which is incorrect since when you have a business, you must treat expansion as if you’re starting all over again so you may expand worldwide. Toys r Us was a powerful corporation that went bankrupt because as soon as they began to expand, they stop working hard to generate more interest and coming out with new toys that children wanted to play with. Another argument is that children are more interested in video games and watching YouTube videos than playing with toys, and as a result, parents have stopped buying toys for their children and instead purchased tablets for them to play with, causing Toys R Us to go bankrupt. When Toys “R” Us went bankrupt, they began working with other businesses to avoid going out of business.So these businesses began to take advantage of Toys “R” Us because they were going bankrupt, and these businesses became more interested in putting Toys “R” Us out of business.

Product Concepts

The KETTLE GRYP was the pitch that impacted me the most during the Shark Tank show. Kettle Gryp is a tool that uses a lightweight attachment to transform dumbbells into kettlebells. It’s perfect for traveling, at-home use, or at the gym. KETTLE GRYP can support strong weights of up to 55 pounds. It’s easier to work out at home, it’s safer, and it’s simple to keep inspiring you to use dumbbells for Weight loss. You can also take the KETTLE GRYP to the gym and have a good time with the product. Many gyms may purchase this product to place in the gym for customs to use. This device is ideal for folks who enjoy lifting dumbbells without wearing gloves to safeguard their hands. KETTLE GRYP seems to protect your hands from injuries while you’re working out.
Suppliers had a terrific pitch. They knew how to engage everyone and they gave examples of how to use it and where you can use it and demonstrated how to capture consumers’ attention. I like how the two partners came together and they told their stories about how they came up with the idea of KETTLE GRYP. They were both well-prepared, with their products and product information neatly organized. and they had fun with the information In a good way.

Supplies figured out how to correctly present it and encourage you to purchase it. Even the people that are watching shark tank on TV were probably encouraged to buy KETTLE GRYP for their dumbbells at-home workout. I really enjoyed the first pitch because it motivated me to work and buy one and when I use dumbbells my hands burn without using gloves but I feel like KETTLE GRYP will be able to protect my hands from getting bruises.

Promotion WEEK F

Vision Guinea is the charity that I am passionate about. It was founded by a group of West Africans who connected on the Clubhouse app and decided to do something for the less fortunate in their nation. They have a lot of unlucky families in Guinea, and most people lost their jobs during the pandemic. I’m from Guinea, and when I heard about this charity, I decided to join to help in any way I could. This organization began last year during the pandemic, when many individuals were struggling because many people lost their jobs as a result of the virus. They were able to raise $10,000 in the organization’s first year. Back at home, we feed over 540 individuals. This money is divided among families in Guinea, and it is used to purchase food, clothing, and any other item that individuals may require, as well as health supplies for those who do not have. only for a trip to the hospital. Two thousand dollars was also donated to an orphanage over there as well. The rest of the money was divided into 4 for the four neighborhoods in Conakry. The funds were used to buy groceries and food stocks and given out at mosques in the neighborhoods.

This year, the organization hopes to raise an additional $10,000 to help families in need.  And organization hopes to raise the same amount of money as last year and obtain all of the products requested by the community. The organization is attempting to generate funds for Ramadan to get them ready to fast for the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a Holy month in which Muslims fast for the entire 30 days and observe the other five pillars of Islam. At the moment, the fundraiser has raised 4,505 dollars so far.

Attached is the link to the Gofundme.

Week A Aissignment

The definition of social responsibility is based on the idea that people are responsible for fulfilling their metro duties, and that their actions should benefit society. In this sense, there should be a balance between financial development and government support for society and the environment.

The study of suitable business rules and processes on highly conflicting issues such as corporate governance, insider trading, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility, and legal responsibilities is referred to as company ethics. A collection of moral standards that guide a person’s actions is referred to as “ethics.” Morality is influenced by social conventions, cultural practices, and religious influences. Ethics refers to a collection of beliefs about what is correct, incorrect, just, and unjust in human action. It also contains the positive and negative aspects of life. The government establishes legal standards. Ethical norms are based on human perceptions of right and wrong. It is possible for something to be legal and yet being unethical.

Employees with a sense of social responsibility can use the corporate resources at their disposal to do good. Formal corporate social responsibility programs can improve employee morale and increase workplace satisfaction. However, because of morals and emotions, certain decisions are easier to make. Nobody is truly prepared for anything in life, the only thing you can do is be strong enough to deal with situations as they happen.

Consumer Decision Making

In our everyday life, it comes where you have to make a choice of what to eat or where to go to get the food.  When it comes to food I always go for what I am craving. And I am not a picky person because I love trying new food from different cultures.

    • An Chinese restaurant in salt lake City
    • It’s a casual person and it’s perfect for going with friends and family or date night.
  • It’s located at Salt Lake City P. F Chang’s this restaurant is popular for its lunch and dinner.

Need recognition – Chinese Food

Information search– You can always look up the restaurant’s rating, comments, reviews, menu, and images to check if the meal is decent and to get an idea of what you’ll be having. 

This was the one that stuck out to me during my research because I enjoy Chinese cuisine. I would like to visit this restaurant with my friends.It seems to have great reviews and meet all my requirements. And you can reserve a table online at the restaurant website, they have an option to Order online and pick up.

The “evaluation of alternatives” and “purchase” if I go to this place I would try sushi, noodles , fried rice and chicken and they have a lot of options to make from. The price of the food looks really affordable.

It’s quite difficult to have to decide on about what to eat or where to go. I did learn that throughout the process, I need to be Clear on my decision. I needed to make sure that I knew exactly what I wanted and that having to decide about the food you want to eat is more difficult. Because I enjoy going out to eat, I usually let my friends choose the restaurant because we all like the same food. However, while researching an unknown location in Salt Lake City, I decided to seek up the type of food I like to eat. I needed to be conscious of my requirements and wants during the consumer decision-making process.

Mariama Diallo

Hello, my name is Mariama Diallo, and I am 22 years old and live in the Bronx. But I was born and raised in Guinea until I was 12 years old but I’ve been living in the Bronx ever since then. My major is Business administration. My hobbies are outside of school is watching TV, hanging out with my friends going to new places, trying out new food and I enjoy traveling. Here’s my BMCC email: