Week G

After seeing this movie and connecting it to the definition of personal selling, I would put the Joneses in this category. The Jones family used their platform (being “wealthy,” throwing parties, having conversations to influence people, and so on) to persuade others to buy the products they received, and the more people who bought the products they used, the more profit they made. The Jones family’s sales tactics are similar to those used by high-end brands because these brands promote the idea that in order to be liked or influential, you must buy their products. After watching this movie and reading the course materials, I realized that the way the products are marketed is unethical because it forces people to try to pay for a lifestyle they cannot afford. For example, Larry viewed his friendship with Steve as a competition after a while of knowing him, and as a result, he had multiple bills unpaid as a result of trying to maintain a lifestyle he couldn’t afford. Going by my current mentality, I would not feel any particular way being friends with someone who was a member of the Jones family, even after their secret was revealed, because to be honest, I don’t worry about how someone lives or what they have. And I just want to thank professor buckler for allowing us to watch this movie because at first I thought it would be boring or that I wouldn’t like it, but I was wrong, and it was a good movie that I might want to watch again someday.

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