Product Concepts

The KETTLE GRYP was the pitch that impacted me the most during the Shark Tank show. Kettle Gryp is a tool that uses a lightweight attachment to transform dumbbells into kettlebells. It’s perfect for traveling, at-home use, or at the gym. KETTLE GRYP can support strong weights of up to 55 pounds. It’s easier to work out at home, it’s safer, and it’s simple to keep inspiring you to use dumbbells for Weight loss. You can also take the KETTLE GRYP to the gym and have a good time with the product. Many gyms may purchase this product to place in the gym for customs to use. This device is ideal for folks who enjoy lifting dumbbells without wearing gloves to safeguard their hands. KETTLE GRYP seems to protect your hands from injuries while you’re working out.
Suppliers had a terrific pitch. They knew how to engage everyone and they gave examples of how to use it and where you can use it and demonstrated how to capture consumers’ attention. I like how the two partners came together and they told their stories about how they came up with the idea of KETTLE GRYP. They were both well-prepared, with their products and product information neatly organized. and they had fun with the information In a good way.

Supplies figured out how to correctly present it and encourage you to purchase it. Even the people that are watching shark tank on TV were probably encouraged to buy KETTLE GRYP for their dumbbells at-home workout. I really enjoyed the first pitch because it motivated me to work and buy one and when I use dumbbells my hands burn without using gloves but I feel like KETTLE GRYP will be able to protect my hands from getting bruises.

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  1. Horatiu Pui

    Hi Mariama,
    We chosed the same pitch, and it is really nice to read your ideas. Also, I love that you mentioned how powerful was the presentation of the product. Indeed it was! They were so confident in what they were presenting that influenced me also to purchase their product. I think that this is an important step to increase sales, recognizing. people’s need, and being able to make understand that the product is the best fit is crucial.

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