Week C

It might have once been difficult finding restaurants that deliver after moving to a new city, but that definitely is not the case now. With food review sites like Yelp and multiple delivery apps, the task has been made effortless, with the only issue being to choose from the available options.

I would generally prefer something casual when ordering in, that is around a moderate price range. I also wouldn’t want to have to go out of my way to pick up the food so delivery is a dealbreaker. After narrowing down the type of cuisine, there is a general list of variables that I’d need the restaurant to have.

The first step was simple, google Italian restaurants that deliver in Salt Lake City. Checking several sites showed two common names that piqued my interest, Stoneground Kitchen and Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria. After reading reviews and browsing through their menus, I had come to a conclusion. Stoneground, comparatively, is a bit more pricy and had an interesting dessert menu, it would be somewhere that I prefer to dine in. So for this specific situation I ended up choosing Flatbread Neapolitan, having customizable options, friendly prices, good reviews, and delivery.

As I went through several steps of the consumer decision making process, I realized that though everyone may not have the same exact requirements I do, there is definitely overlap in how we make informed decisions.

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