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When we see ourselves deciding where to eat, (as listed in the stages of the consumer decision-making process), we need to make sure to follow our needs, that is why I chose Osteria Amore restaurant.

Osteria Amore is a Italian restaurant located on 224 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102, popular for lunch, solo dining and diner, which it called my attention, also, the atmosphere is cozy, upscale and romantic, perfect for couples or small group of friends. They also offer take-outs and delivering.

Firstly, I started doing my research going on Google, because I have no knowledge of the city and recommendations. The first things I wanted to find out was the ones listed above, because they are important to fill my need as a consumer.

Scrolling my computer screen, I could notice other restaurants that I have found interesting, such as Stanza Italian Bistros & Wine Bar and Brio Italian Grille.

One thing I did realize about the Consumer decision-making process was to be aware of my needs and always make sure to follow all the steps, because being aware of all the aspects that makes someone buy a product makes us responsible consumers, which it turns out the last step, being satisfied with our product or service.

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  1. Edward Quinn

    Hi Milena! I liked reading your post; it was really interesting for me to see hear your different choices because I actually didn’t come across any of these when I searched on Google. While I was looking for a take-out option, I searched Google as well and I used the terms “best Italian food Salt Lake City” — do you happen to remember what you searched for? I think this is a huge area of marketing, the online search engine marketing area, I don’t know a lot about it but I see billboards all over I-95 advertising search engine marketing because we as consumers now use the online search so much.

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