Final Project: walk cycle(revised)


Here is a cleaned up version of my previous character walk cycle. I also added some color. The biggest challenges I faced was definitely coloring and synchronizing my layers and movements. I changed the tail movements to a drag with a quick flick and I made the ears go along with the movement of the body.I do think I got a bit better with the movement of the walk cycle. I would like to continue more shading as well.

Final project: walk cycle (rough)

Here is Katsu doing a walk cycle. She walks slow and cautious(because she is generally shy and reserved) but still an overall friendly demeanor.

I found it challenging to animate her legs because of how stubby they are. I also realized afterward that her hat was too big for her head. My goal next is to maybe design her legs longer and to add a bit more keyframes to get smoother movement.

Reference video:            (0.32-0.50secs.)

Final Project:Character Design

Katsu is a girl who dreams of being the greatest mage at her school. She is the only human amongst her feline classmates and used to get bullied a lot. Because of that, she hides her face, wears cat ears on her hat and wears a tail to try to blend in more. Katsu is very small, ditzy and shy. When she is not practicing her magic, she likes to eat a lot of delicious snacks!

I had a lot of fun creating this character. One challenge was deciding which mage look I wanted to go for, since there are so many ideas. But I think I captured her essence pretty well in her giant mage jacket and hat.

Study #5: Flour Sack

In this assignment, I had to convey emotion without relying on facial features for a flour sack. The emotion I wanted to convey was cautious/scared. We see the sack curious about touching the turtle but is easily frightened as soon as it moves. I found it challenging to capture the mass of a flour sack as it was in the air. I am generally happy with my frame transitions.