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ECE 110 Course Description & Academic Artifact

Psychological Foundations of Early Development and Education

Course Description:

This course examines the psychological and psychosocial foundations of early childhood and relates these foundations to educational practice with young children, birth to eight years. It focuses on historical and contemporary theories of childhood development. Early learning is considered in relation to biological factors, child and family factors, program factors and social factors, particularly in diverse urban settings. Young children’s physical, cognitive, communicative, social and emotional development is explored as contributors to and as consequences of early learning experiences.

Artifact: Analysis of Child Development Commentary Paper

Commentary Paper PDF Larissa Barba

ECE 110-Seminar Course Description & Academic Artifact

ECE 110 Seminar

Course Description:

ECE 110-Seminar explores professionalism in the field of early childhood education. Career pathways in early childhood are discussed, including NYS teacher certification. Students examine different age groups an early childhood professional can work with, analyzing the skills, qualities and dilemmas accompanying age.

Artifact: Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan


ECE 210 Course Description & Academic Artifact

Social Foundations of Early Care and Education

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the social context of early care and education. It focuses on the historical, philosophical, sociological, and political foundations of programs for young children, birth to eight years. The following topics will be explored in depth: historical and contemporary theories of early childhood education; multicultural and social ecological factors in early care and schooling, particularly for diverse urban settings; early childhood programming; family and community involvement; advocacy, trends and current issues in early childhood practice. This course requires 30 hours of fieldwork.

Artifact: Advocacy Project

advocacy paper LARISSA BARBA
Podcast transcript Larissa