Course: SPE 100 | Fundamentals of Public Speaking | Prof. Muasher | Sec. 1215/1400 | Fall 2020

Mariam Diallo

Spe 100 




Hello everyone my name is Mariam Diallo


Today I’m going to talk about how important is to greet someone.


  • The ability of waking up every day and saying good morning to your family or your love one is the best thing ever
  • Make you feel good and comfortable 
  • Greeting someone means you showing them respectful ,nice and care about them
  • Even greeting someone you don’t know is the best feeling because you show them you got respect to them and to yourself



  • Imagi going to a job interviews you wake in and you greet then and the greet you back that’s a good singer and plus you will be comfortable will being there
  • Everyone just take a minute and take about how important is to greet someone
  • Thank you everyone 

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