Course: SOC 100 (1902): The Individual, Culture and Society |Spring 2020 | Prof. Alapo

Student Reflection: Essay 1: Sociological Perspective.

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      Incorporate responses to both discussion I and discussion II found on the discussion board for this course in your 2 page reflection essay.

      I believe that everything happens for a reason, this world once had no order this world once had more cauas in it then anything, and a sociologist named Émile Durkheim helped us with law and order. Now we have laws that justify us in a way, that is supposed to make things easier.But the downside of it all is that everyone complains about how there are too many laws that are not necessarily justifiable which I completely agree with. Then and now are not the same century and I think some laws should be revised in order for people to understand that the laws are also on our side.We all have struggled as a New Yorker so has Karl Marx  in his own way ,and I feel that he understood this world a little better and how things are perceived because this world is honestly not fair. He stated this world is basically a hierarchy everyone has a place in this world for a reason, but certain injustices go unpunished and the people that are punishing these people are all getting away with it due to the law something has to change. I have a story to tell and it’s been hurting me for years and this is the reason I don’t trust the “law”. So it goes a little something like this…One day I came home from a friends house, and at this young age I was a troubled child and had a couple of run ins with the police.So on this lovely day they came to pay me a visit basically to conduct an update on how me and my mother’s relationship was going, because I just had came home from being on the run. By the way I totally respect that they did a check in to make sure my mother at least felt comfortable being in her home. But the problem excavated, so they were asking me questions and I was answering, but as a young child I had an attitude and didn’t want to deal with them, so I was on my phone as well. They obviously felt a way that they weren’t in control of the conversation and situation. Out of nowhere these cops didn’t say I did anything wrong or that I was being arrested they threw me off the chair and man handled me to the ground constantly kicking me. My mother is in shock standing in the corner of our living room not knowing what to say or do. In the process these grown men were pulling my phone from my hand, breaking my phone in half literally all because they didn’t have the power they wanted. Then in the report they said that I attacked them and ripped apart their leather shoes which is highly impossible. So at the end of this story they probably thought my mother wouldn’t speak up and defend me,but they were wrong my mother witnessed everything that occurred and was ready to testify. But I had to drop the case due to school and health problems, that could’ve been a lawsuit that exposed how people with power can conduct. This world is wild and you cannot change everyone or anything that you feel is corrupted all we can change is the way things can be perceived and our actions in it.

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