Course: SOC 100 (1902): The Individual, Culture and Society |Spring 2020 | Prof. Alapo

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      Alba Morel

      Growing in a society with a single mother raising two kids was super hard , even harder when you land in a category where you had to work so much harder. Im a Latina, first language speaking spanish and growing up in a community with crimes, gangs, people dressed with loose clothes or very provocative clothes was normal. When you fall in a category wether us religion, culture, beliefs , you can’t help but to fall into one of those groups. Ever since I can remember it’s always been a struggle for me , my parents were divorce when i was at such a young age, school wasn’t my main priority and I all I can think of was how can it get better?. Society expects you to fail when you come from a welfare family, when all your mom wants you to do is make things better in your life so that you don’t have to struggle like she did. Coming from a family where woman are very strong has only led me to b e one as well.


      Society doesn’t identify me I know they don’t have much expectations from me, nonetheless what they expect from me I don’t owe to them I owe to myself and those who believe in me. I serve a community of patient’s at a medical center, aspiring to become a nurse and help those who need a lending hand. Categories are define by many groups including a work environment. If someone asks you ” what do you do for a living?” and the answer you give them makes that person judge you or accept you , it’ll make you feel like you’re not enough or you’ve done enough to be accepted. Society in general plays a big role on us wether we like it or not. Some of don’t care and some of us do . Trying to portrait someone you’re not isn’t the most comfortable situation to be in. Social media plays a big role in this century and we all come across to find a way to be liked to be mist wanted to feel like it fills an empty space.

      Im trying to succeed not only because I know I’m part of a group in the medical field but because I know it gives other people in my condition to achieve their goals. Don’t aloud society tell you what you can and cannot do. you can only become yourself if you stop caring what others have to say and put you in a category that you know you down belong. Becoming a nurse will help me nurse will only help me become the person I want to be in life. My story will pass on to those in my community and will show them that they can do it as well.


      Im hoping that in this sociology class I am able to learn more about society because I can only speak on what I grew up in, and how judgmental we can all be and how every sociologist we’ve learned about so far have taught us what they gained from what they’ve done and their theory only by studying people.



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