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Homework 2/11

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      Cristal Garcia

      Cristal Garcia

      SOC 100 homework 2/11


      What does C. Wright Mills say about sociological imagination?

      Wright Mills explains that sociological imagination is the ability to understanding the relationship of personal problem vs sociality problem in their action.


      How does a sociologist define society as a group of people who reside in a defined area, share a culture, and who interact with one another?

      Socialists have difference theory and levels of analysis went income to this. Sociologists are interested in the experiences of individuals and how those experiences are shaped by interactions with social groups and society as a whole. To a sociologist, the personal decisions an individual makes do not exist in a vacuum. Cultural patterns and social forces put pressure on people to select one choice over another. Sociologists try to identify these general patterns by examining the behavior of large groups of people living in the same society and experiencing the same societal pressures.


      What is the difference between Sociological Imagination and Sociological Perspective?

      Sociological Imagination is understanding the relationship between people’s behavior, their experience, and their culture. For example, sociological imagination is when people tell me that I look beautiful because I have the same characteristic of a model skinny and tall.

      In contrast, the Sociological Perspective is understanding people’s behavior and why they do things they do. An example of perspective sociological is when scientists try to understand when young people use so much social media.


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