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      Alba Morel

      What does C. Wright Mills say about sociological imagination?

      Socialist C. Wright Mills was an American sociologist and he believed that social imagination was between self and society, in which a person believed in self problems and bringing it into the society issues.


      How does a sociologist define society as a group of people who reside in a defined area, share a culture, and who interact with one another?

      Sociologist define these groups of people differently , by examining them in their behaviors. When coming from the same culture and  area or have the same beliefs the behavior will be the same. A person that grows up in a community full or crime will only follow the steps because that’s all that’s being shown. People will always pursue what becomes a norm to them. Sociologist identify them wether their a small group or large where there’s interaction or similarities.


      What is the difference between Sociological Imagination and Sociological Perspective?

      The difference between social imagination and social perspective is that in social imagination people believe that what they are going through is not only affecting them but is also affecting in which they think is affecting them into society. Sociological perspective allows to find our why people do what they do. The way people view one other into society and their behaviors and decisions.






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