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      What does C. Wright Mills say about sociological imagination?

      C.Write explains that social imagination is an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society, which means everything works together to create something. Without an individual interacting with the vast population it would honestly be hard to have something diverse ,if everyone stays to themselves and or secluded.Without one problem or solution in the world there honestly wouldn’t be different perspectives of how a population should be presented or perceived and with that there are different ways society is viewed.

      How does a sociologist define society as a group of people who reside in a defined area, share a culture, and who interact with one another?

      A sociologist defines a society as a group that has different backgrounds, but share culture and interact with one another by broadening personal experiences to basically understand, public problems. By not putting our personal problems out on the front line and bashing it, but to make it broad and more as a social concern. If one understands someone’s background or personality it actually helps different cutlers and ideas to live around one another because instead of judgement and holding back the society will be more likely to actually improve each other. There are many different perspectives of society , some see the world as stable , and see that everyone should have a family or something along the line,compared to other sociologists which think this world is basically the survival of the fittest. Other sociologists think this world should be taken one day at a time and enjoyed because we often take certain privileges for granted.Which concludes  that,when you reside in a defined area you are more likely to interact more often with the people you share a culture with or even day to day living so that would be the outcome of  your society as you make of it.

      What is the difference between Sociological Imagination and Sociological Perspective?

      “A social Imagination is an awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society, both today and in the past ”. For example, not being able to afford an actual college tuition in conclusion will make me think that I am below the poverty level ,but that’s not necessarily true if financial aid wasn’t a solution to the “middle class” most people wouldn’t honestly be able to attend college and like some family members would be working a basic living or earning. “Sociological perspective is the study of human life, social interactions and how those interactions shape groups and entire societies”. For example I am a Sister , Cousin , Daughter and student ,I play many different roles in society and each of the roles I play have different perspectives just like anything else in life. A judge can be perceived as the top in the social hierarchy but, you don’t know what other roles this person can play in someone else’s life you cannot base what you see and think this is who the person is.

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