Course: SOC 100 (1708): Culture and Society | Spring 2020 | Prof. Alapo

Reflective essay

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      Dustin Arias

      Dustin Arias

      16 February 2020

      SOC 101-1708

      Professor Alapo


      Now that I have a basic understanding of sociology and how to think like a sociologist I can now say that it has such a great impact on not only mine but everyone’s lives no matter who you are. For most of my life I have been very sheltered and this has effected the way I have developed as a person and because of this I can see clearly the difference between me and my other friends who were not sheltered as much as me when they were younger and were introduced to societal norms from a younger age. For example the area where I live there are many drug dealers and because of this some children grow around this environment and see it as a normal source of income, so some of the people I know from high school have been succumbed to the societal norms in my area and started to make a living like this. But because I have been sheltered for a longer period of time I do not see drug dealers/drug dealing as normal or a possible source of income. Through the eyes of a sociologist I can see that my family/circumstances have played a big role in my development and the way I see the world.

      Based on the example I gave earlier I can definitely see how Karl Marx’s conflict theory works. Because theses people came from lower income families and because of this they had to learn to adapt and began selling drugs and because this is working out so well for them it started to become a social norm or a trend in my community. There are other factors besides family and society that can form patterns or trends such as media, more specifically social media. When my older brother used to hang out with his friends he described it as in the moment but now a days there seems to be a big trend that whenever you go out you feel obligated to post it on social media so everyone can see and it is no longer in the moment, it is now let me capture this moment so every one can see. I see this more and more especially with one of my friends that whenever we go out there is a high chance that there will be a picture or video taken of me or the place that we are at.

      In short sociology plays a major role in our lives even if we do not notice it. It can be something as simple as saying your welcome to someone after they say thank you or it can be as major as the increasing trend of social media and the effect it has on the people that use it. There are many components to our lives that shape who we are and we do not even realize it I hope to learn much more from this course in order to better understand what exactly happens in our daily social lives.

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