Course: SOC 100 (1708): Culture and Society | Spring 2020 | Prof. Alapo

Reflection Essay1

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      Moesha Groves

      Moesha Groves
      Professor Alapo
      SOC 100

      Reflection Essay
      Sociology is the research of analyzing behaviors of individuals in society from small and larger groups, studies are conducted by researching groups social interactions, people who share a common culture and those who interact with each other. This study is done on both a micro and macro-level. Sociologists observe the experiences of individuals in society and the way their understanding and experiences are affected and shaped based on the interactions they have with society.

      A Sociologist must examine people who are living in the same society, this type of research is to identify general or same patterns these individuals share. Studying social facts is another necessary step while conducting research, seeing the ways humans relate based upon religion, fashion, music, and values help to further have a deeper understanding of why we make the choices we do daily.

      Also, Social structure plays a significant role in our society, it always has and due to these ethics and beliefs, it is extremely hard for persons to move up the social ladder. Since ancient times social structures remained in society. This is a typical case of the “rich get richer and poor get poorer”.

      To conclude, with this Sociology course I am hoping to get a greater understanding of society, this class will help me gain the knowledge I need to flourish as a student and a regular person today. Learning not to judge my peers on the actions they make but rather developing an understanding of why they have chosen to take that course. I truly believe society can grow stronger and greater if we take view each other the way sociologist does. We all struggle with personal trauma, peer pressure and trying to fit some of our society’s unrealistic expectations.

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