Course: SOC 100 (1708): Culture and Society | Spring 2020 | Prof. Alapo

Reflection 1

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      Ansun Tran

      Who am I in society? I am just a normal resident in society. Someone part of the capitalist chain that is just trying to survive. I would think that I have a low impact on society and that my actions do not greatly affect society. However, I also think that even a small action in society may change it for better or for worse. My role in society is just a resident and also an employee of a local ice cream vendor in a big market. I am also a student at BMCC, so I am actually part of multiple societies. My function is just to contribute and do as much good as I can. For example, I used to take the train at a very busy train station where there is no elevator. A lot of times, people will have strollers or carts and cannot carry it down themselves. Often, I will offer to carry it down for them and sometimes they will refuse. This action, although little, may have impacted society in a big way without me knowing it. My function in society is not large at the moment however I do what I can to contribute. When I’m working, I try to give great customer service and put a smile on peoples faces. My function in the market is just a minimum wage worker at a little stall in a small part of the market however my contributions may have affected the market whether I know it or not. Despite all of this, I am still not quite sure who I am in society and what my role or function is. It requires more thought and as someone who lives life day by day, I have never really thought about who I am in society. I just try to get through the day and lay back and relax. However, I have thought about who I want to become in society. I want to become an influential person and help societies flourish. My role would not be too big however when I choose to do so I would make great changes. Overall, I am Ansun. I am a 19 year old student at BMCC, and a minimum wage worker at an ice cream stall in a market. I also am a resident of the lower east side in Manhattan and a member of a church. My role is just to go to school, pursue a major that will one day allow me to have more power in society.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>

      How do others see me? I cannot answer that. I cannot look into the minds of other people. An anxious person may think that others see right through them. Their worst traits and doings are how others see them. Others who are less anxious may not pay mind to how others see them. Maybe the occasional thought of if they had made a good impression on someone. I believe others see me as a goofy, funny, chill person. That is how I would like them to see me. In reality, everyone sees me differently. It all depends on their relationship with me and our connection. My family and close friends may see me differently than my professor or classmates. It all depends on perspective. Also your opinion of me and how we get along. Someone may not like my vibe and have a bad view of me. Someone who does like my vibe may have a good view of me. How do I see myself? I see myself as a person who cares. Cares a lot about everything. My family, friends, school, church, belongings, wealth, status. All of which I care about. I believe I am not who others think I am. I hide a lot of my true feelings on the inside and on the surface I show chill, relaxed feelings. Someone may think I have no worries while I actually worry quite a bit. I see myself as someone who is trying to fix his past mistakes. In high school I made many mistakes that have held me back. I am currently trying to make it up. I see myself as strong for this. For not giving up and attending BMCC to further continue my education. I believe the way I see myself changes depending on my mood. If I’m in a good mood I may see myself more confidently. If I’m in a bad mood I’ll see myself more harshly. The way I see myself and how I think others see me are completely different. Or are they? I think all of these are too complex for me to figure out right now. I see myself as what I want to see currently. It is just natural for you to tell yourself you are something regardless of if you are or not. It just makes you comfortable. I see myself as a person who is trying to work on himself, for himself, and for others. These views of myself can be integrated with social imagination. Society has made me who I am. I am who I am because of society. Perhaps I made those mistakes because of an outcome from society. Maybe I did not have a choice of whether or not I wanted to make those mistakes. It was just an outcome of societal influences. Also class-conflict theory defines who I am. I am just a minimum wage worker working for my boss who is well off and paying me the bare minimum. This conflict of classes defines who I am. I am at the bottom of this class. Gender conflict too. I am a male which may give me some advantages over females in society. Perhaps I only got the job because my boss wanted male labor instead of female labor.Perhaps I am employed because of my gender. During the job, symbolic interactionism occurs. I greet patrons with a smile and a “How are you doing”. Society has assigned a smile as a gesture of politeness and welcomeness and asking how they’re doing is a form of showing you care and kindness. These gestures assigned by society have been deemed normal customer service etiquette and are used by almost all customer services. Also the interaction between a customer and me, the worker, can be studied by symbolic interaction. A customer is interested in what I am selling and would like to trade money for the product. This interaction is normal in almost all societies in the world and integrated in all societies. These socio concepts are in my everyday life without me realizing and can help me further examine who I am in this society and what my role is and how others see me and how I see myself.

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      Hey Ansun, I can relate to you with what happened during high school. I also messed up and it resulted me in not graduating on time. I was also going to give up but I gained the strength not to. Everyone has their own path. Instead of thinking of the past, think forward. I can also relate to smiling to customers on the job. I worked at chipotle and it was one of the main things I had to do. This gesture is normal for customer service as it shows helps bring in the business.

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