Course: SOC 100 (1708): Culture and Society | Spring 2020 | Prof. Alapo


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      Walid arshad

      sociology is a subject that everyone should think about learning more because it gives you a understanding on how the society works as a whole. there is many types of mini subjects that go into sociology or theories and beliefs for example like symbolic theory which was understood to be how something could mean multiple meanings like for example the rainbow which back in the day was a image that was hand to hand with gods work like churches with the windows and etc but now a days if you see a rainbow it will be related to lgbtq community which is the total opposite because of the belief that being gay is not the way many approve of.

      the simple way to define sociology is the study of societies and how humans in a group act and it is in the subject of social sciences. and the people who work in the field of sociology are called sociologist. sociology can help you study a society in many ways possible  and the wide majority of how humans in group work.

      there are many important figures in the history of sociology one of the most important figure was max webber and he was a founding figure of the field of sociology and he was born on April 21 1864 and died june 14 1920. another figure that was important to sociology was karl marx.

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