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2/13 assignment

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      lauren cardoso

      In life everyone is different. Everyone has a different background and is proud of their nationality. They can look different or not have the same image that their country portrays but they are born there. People would judge or think otherwise and just by looking at someone they think they know where they are from.

      When growing up, people saw me as an American. Since I have light hair and light skin, they automatically think I’m from Europe or America. They wouldn’t even imagining me as Brazilian. Every time I tell people, they would question me. For example, Brazilians has an image of tanned skin, figure, and a different image. That is the opposite of me. I think to myself that how you have to have a certain image, if you don’t then belong in that category. What matter is how I am proud of my Country and that I am alive.

      I see myself as a strong, wanting to learn new things and smart. If you would ask that question for me before, I wouldn’t know how to respond to it. As time passes by, life will show and reveal who you are. You will gain experience, go through hard times and change.

      It is normal to go through it because it’s part of growing up. If you don’t go through it, life will be boring and have no meaning. I came a long way until how I am now. You learn from your mistakes and learn to deal with consequences that are good and bad. Sociology has a huge role on family, society, media and the public. While growing, you tend to have acceptance from pears that are your age. That is how you learn that if you do certain things like drugs, lying, or stealing, it can be shown as cool but when you do it then consequences show it is not.

      By doing certain things you can become the part of the popular crowd but later you notice that it’s just a moment thing. Usually that occurs in teen years because during adult years, you would have a different mindset and have grown up. Others would still think the same because they didn’t have a different perspective of life.

      To conclude, next time when you are looking at the world, think to yourself how would sociology think of it?

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