Course: SOC 100 (1708): Culture and Society | Spring 2020 | Prof. Alapo

Janel Johnson

Why do groups exist and What are the types of groups that exist in a society?

Groups exist because it gives you a good feeling that someone else feels the same way you are feeling. It’s a sense of belonging to something. Being a part of something  you can relate to. Some of the groups that exist in society are religious groups(Christianity, Muslims , voodooism etc) we also have ethnicity groups like race, (black, Asian, Caucasian).

Where do you prefer to shop, eat out, or grab a cup of coffee? 

I prefer to shop and eat from people of my culture because that’s what I’m used to. Also I like fresh food so i’m grocery shopping. I would rather go whole foods, trader Joe anywhere but with fresh organic products. I am not really a coffee person so i’ll usually make my tea at home. My decisions are based on good quality and you know good quality by the taste and looks of things.


Share some of your social group affiliation and roles with a group. What is the purpose of this group and what role do they play in terms of your personal development, socialization or what contributions has this group made to the community or society at large?

The  only group i can say i’m pretty much in is Christianity, which is breaking down to different parts and I am part of the Pentecostal group. The purpose of Pentecostal is to praise God freely with joy, with dance and songs.  It helps bring people closer to God and also a good therapy when people are going through hard times. Christian jobs are to help each and everyone that needs help that’s what we contribute to society, spread love and acceptance.

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