Course: MMP460-1100, Multimedia Project Lab, Spring 2021

Week 6: Target Audience Exercise

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      Anna Pinkas

      Select a website for a product or social cause and analyze its target audience. Look at the demographic attributes above and try to define as many as possible. How is the target audience addressed by the choice of colors, font, format etc.?

      Reply to this post with a link to the website and who you think the target audience (use demographics categories)

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      Chantel Stafford
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      Nicole Quiles

      I went with Gucci which is targeted towards mostly women but men as well who want to spoil themselves.

      The website consists of light fonts that give it a bold vibe towards a young audience from ages 18 to 24 who are single who come from wealthy backgrounds. Their colors are black and white to give it an 80s to 90s.

      Gender: Female


      Salary: 100k

      Race: White

      Religion: Christianity

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      Michael Leister

      I chose the Food Network website (owned by Discovery ,Inc.) since as food goes, they rank near the top in television/network viewership (100 million), social media following, (11.2 million) and magazine readership (13.5 million) (Discovery, Inc. 2020).

      Their website probably matches their core network audience. Age wise, they include 18-34 (29%), 35-54 (36%), and 55+ (35%)—median age being 47. Other stats are as follows: college educated are 50%, 70% own homes; median household income is $70K; 34% watch with children; and women (64%) comprise most viewers (National Media Spots, Inc 2021).

      I had difficulty finding data pertaining to race and ethnicity of their viewership, but since most of their hosts and chiefs are white (usually women), it likely matches their audience demographic.   Although most content is food related, they do show images of their hosts and chiefs—usually smiling or laughing—to promote their shows and products.

      The website uses minimal colors (red or light blue to emphasize headers and subheads) because they want to mostly focus visually one thing: food. Food photos make for great stories and lifestyle content for social media, so that may also be why they have a big following on IG.

      Fonts are a Grotesque sans-serif, maybe Franklin Gothic, with a modern serif in the header to both contrast and highlight, but color is black for most type. It is laid out in a grid-like structure, so it has that magazine feel for their core audiences—and not Gen Z—who grew up with print media. I would describe the style as elegant, clean, modern, and fun.


      Discovery, Inc. Discovery Inc. (2020, December 17).

      National Media Spots offers the only INSTANT ACCESS to media RATE CARDS in the industry today! National Media Spots. (n.d.).


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      Michael Leister

      (*) I don’t mean to imply that their audience doesn’t include people of color – they have a diverse audience demographic and some diversity in their shows – but what I’m getting at is that representation matters  in their shows, and it likely reflects for their viewership. Food Network has a lot of potential to increase the diversity in casting  choices more than they currently do.

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      Michael Leister

      (*)Chefs, not chiefs.

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