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Study#3: Ball #2

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      Anna Pinkas

      Use Adobe Animate to create an animation of a ball falling from a cliff and bouncing a few times before coming to a stop. Apply the squash & stretch and slow-in & slow-out principles you used for your last assignment AND carefully apply 2 more: arcs, and timing. Anticipation can also enhance your animation (i.e: have the ball hover at the edge of the cliff before falling, have the ball move back and forth very slightly a few times before coming to a full stop etc.).
      Use the following file format: 24fps, width: 1920px | height: 1080px. Save your .fla file and export your animation to Quicktime (review exporting instructions on the week 2 page). Upload your animation to Vimeo or Youtube
      Create a new post on your Open Lab portfolio. Your post should include a link to your Vimeo or Youtube video as well as a short description (reflections on your process, challenges, goals etc. are also welcome).

      This assignment is due next week. Submit the following files on the following platforms:

      • Blackboard: .fla file and a link to your Open Lab post.
      • Open Lab discussion board: Reply this discussion post with a link to your Open Lab post

      The grading rubric for this assignment can be found here.

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