Course: MMP260 1300 Intro 2D Animation fall 2020

Storyboard for Walk Cycle

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      Jody Culkin

      Post a link to your portfolio piece  with your storyboard for the walk cycle here.

      Full details on the assignment here.

      More on storyboarding here.

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      Here is my storyboard for my character Eli. The storyboard begins with opening credits with of the title “The  Box” and it shows a picture of Eli in a box with his headphones on.

      As we get to panel one, it starts off with a far shot of Eli walking on the cold arctic ground, as he listens to lofi music. On panel two, it is a close up shot of Eli, that shows exactly what he is doing in the moment. When we get to panel three, Eli spots a box he is unfamiliar with, which in panel four, it shows a close up shot of the box. Panel five is a split screen of a close up shot of Eli’s face and the box. To me, I was trying to aim for “Jojo Vibes,” as if Eli wanted to fight the box. (That scene refers to the anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” where Dio and Jotaro are beginning to fight each other).

      For panel six, it shows a far up shot of another penguin that appears out of the box. There are sparkles around the penguin showing that he is happy and seems friendly. Last, but not least, on panel seven, we see Eli waddling away because he does not like any type of surprises. Although, Eli has a scar on his face from getting into a lot of trouble with his other penguin mates, he can actually be a little scaredy cat most of the time.

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      My Storyboard opens with a classic title card panning down to the character’s walking cycle. An extremely simple narrative is made by presenting the whole a quick musical number. One cut will have a close up of the character whistling while a second cutaway will show a few simple desert critters bouncing to the song the main character plays before ultimately having him prance off-screen. These simple cuts should break up the monotony of the main walk cycle with minimal extra animation. Link below.

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      Kiana Conyers

      Kiana Conyers – Storyboard Walk Cycle

      This  is  my  storyboard  walk  cycle  and  this  was  such  interesting  assignment  to  do.  But  it  definitely   took  me  sometime  to   figure  out  how  I  wanted  each  scene  to  look  on  my  storyboard   and  I  really  enjoyed  it.

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      Here is my Storyboard for the walk cycle animation. I plan on showing a little cuteness from Katie.


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      Michelle Lima


      This is the link to my storyboard:

      Storyboard Walk Cycle

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      Elizabeth Hernandez
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      Walking cycle


      I had fun doing this, I tried making it simple and cute

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      Daisy Martinez
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      Hi everyone, this the story board for my character Cody the human Dog

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