Course: Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia


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      Reading 8 titled Interneting Is Hard, is a basic yet detailed overview on how to code using html and css. The purpose of the article is to teach coding newcomers, the basic fundamentals of html and css. Each section is a continuation of the last, teaching readers the step by step process to successfully code. I found the reading to be very informative, especially being one those individuals who fall under the coding newcomer category. I was able to learn the very basics of html, which include the structure of a web page and its key components; head, body, paragraph and so on. Later, I was able to understand that css is used to add the features and enhancements to the html code. Although a lot of the information might be very basic to some html and css pros, I found the article to be very useful to those just starting off. Throughout the article, each step included visuals and actual code for the reader to follow. Being that I am new to coding, it may take me a little longer to get the material down. After reading the article I cannot call myself a coding pro but I can say that the step by step was very helpful in getting a user to understand what each code does and how to implement the code within a page. I suggest the reading and following the steps within, to all new coders.

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